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Aksu blasting air. Kuva: Mika Löfgren

Aksu blasting air. Photo: Mika Löfgren

Manserama is a skateboarding event held in Tampere, Finland. Fifth annual event will take place on 2.-3.8.19 in the bowl section of the beautiful concrete skatepark Iso-Vilunen (”Big Chilly”) and Kenneli D.I.Y. indoor skatepark. Behind this event is a non-profit organisation Pirkanmaan  Kaarikoirat ry.

Previous years were a huge success and we’ve even survived the storm. This year also won’t be a disappointment for sure.



PRE-PARTY – Wednesday 31.7.

Renno Plaza Skate Jam: 17.00-20.00 Free for all! No age Limit!!! 21.00 -> Live at Olympia-kortteli (K18): Shoraiders  , Khat Moses , Tentacle Pillow
Tickets: 8e

WARM UP – Friday 2.8.

Showtime: 18.00-01.00
 Age limit 18 years
Location: Kenneli D.I.Y skatepark
Address: Tehdaskartanonkatu 24, Tampere
Live: Pystyyn kuolleet hipit, Jätä Jämät, J Kiesi Grandes
Tickets: 6e

MAIN EVENT – Saturday 3.8.

Free entry!
Manserama Bowl contest
Showtime: Klo 10.00-20.00
Location: Iso-Vilunen skatepark
Address: Vilusen puistokatu 19, Tampere

To compete you have to sign up at Kenneli DIY on Friday 2.8 or on Saturday morning 3.8 at Iso-Vilunen
skatepark at 10.00-11.00 with a 15e fee (icludes food).

Junior series under the age of 18
Women series
Open series


klo 21.00-> K18 Afterparty at Kenneli D.I.Y
Location: Tehdaskartanonkatu 24, Tampere
Live: Wasted, No Use, Iha Sama + more !
Kenneli DIY Skate Jam
Tickets 10€

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Previous years VIDEOS:

Manserama Bowl competition 2018

2015 Iso-Vilunen skatepark:
2016 Iso-Vilunen and Kenneli DIY indoor

2017 Kenneli DIY indoor skatepark (finished in 2017)
DAY1 and

2018 Tampere skatecity